Everything you need for social proof in one platform

Dedicated landing page

Crazily simple landing page with your business logo for your customers to submit testimonials.

Multiple spaces

Create different spaces for different services or purposes to collect testimonials from your customers.

Send testimonial request

Send an email to your customers for a testimonial in just one click. That simple and easy.

Embeddable widget

No need developers, no code required. Copy embeddable code to your existing website, e.g: wordpress, wix.

Verified testimonials

Customers will receive email verification link to the email they use in the testimonial. You can enable the option to show the verification badge on every testimonial.

API enabled

API allows you to completely take control over what you want to do with your testimonials' responses.

Export to JSON

Alternatively, you can choose to export responses to JSON and show them on your website however you want.

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The simplest way to request, manage, and embed customers testimonials.

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